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Fairview Coil Fabrication offers standard and emergency repair services on all of our induction coils as well as coils crafted by other vendors. 

Standard  Repair Service

Restore and Repair

Many customers hesitate to change a relatively simple coil design that has worked for them for years, and prefer to repair rather than replace.

  • We work on coils of all shapes and sizes.

  • We will work with you to repair your coil at the best price.


  • Clean coil of process residue and varnish.

  • Careful inspection against the original specifications.

  • Leak-Test preformed.

  • Coil repair work will be quoted and sent for approval.

    • Once approved, repair will begin.​

  • Any water leaks found during inspection will be repaired.

  • Coil re-aligned to its specified shape and configuration.

  • Coil is cleaned and sealed in varnish.

  • Final leak test performed.

  • Final inspection and tag before shipping.

Emergency Repair Service

Our Fastest Repair Service

When the coil fails and the application still needs to run on time we are here to help. Our team can consult and complete expedited repairs to get your project back on track.​

Contact us promptly

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