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RF Induction

What We Offer

Fairview Coil Fabrication (FCF) specializes in the design and manufacturing of high quality copper induction coils. The induction heating coil is a vital component of RF induction heating systems that are used for industrial brazing, soldering, heat treating and other metalworking applications.

induction coil
Why Choose FCF


Custom coils handcrafted to meet your design specifications. 

Customized Service

Our team works together to create a streamlined process; from quoting your project to shipping the finished product.

Durable, High Quality Materials

When working with induction heating the quality of materials must meet the needs of the application. We use the best fit for your project.

Experienced Advisor Service

With 20+ years of experience our team advisor can review and offer feedback on your project.

About Inducti

What Is Induction Heating?

Induction heating is a non-contact manufacturing process used for bonding, hardening, or softening conductive metals. It offers advantages such as speed, accuracy, repeatability, and economy, making it a preferred choice for various applications including brazing, soldering, heat treating, and bonding.

Induction heating induces heat within the part itself by circulating electrical currents, resulting in no product contamination, oxidation, heat damage, or distortion, and high part quality. The process time and temperature can be precisely controlled within tight parameters, unlike other heating methods that may require extra time to heat up and cool down the part.

Modern induction heating systems are environmentally friendly, generating minimal waste heat, harmful emissions, smoke, and noise compared to older fossil fuel powered systems. Overall, induction heating is an efficient and reliable process for conductive metal manufacturing, providing superior results and a more eco-friendly alternative.

Induction Heating Systems

An induction heating system consists of a solid-state RF power supply and a copper coil. When a conductive metal part is placed within the coil, circulating eddy currents are induced, generating precisely localized heat. A cooling mechanism, such as a water chiller or heat exchanger, is necessary to remove waste heat from the system, although some power supplies utilize forced air cooling.


Induction systems are available in a range of power levels and frequencies, with lower frequencies most effective for larger parts requiring deep heat penetration and higher frequencies more effective for smaller parts. Fairview Coil Fabrication offers unbiased system recommendations based on your process requirements and application.


Overall, induction heating systems are reliable and efficient, offering precise and localized heating for conductive metals.



  • Do you stock coils?
    No, each coil is custom-made for your specific heating application. We do stock multiple coil supports in house.
  • Is square or rectangular copper tubing better than round tubing?
    Shape of tubing depends on many factors, the most important being the size of the area to be heated. Some projects benefit from rectangular or square heating due to the wider profile of the turns to induce heat into your component.
  • I have a coil already, but it needs repair. Do you service coils made by other companies?
    Yes, we can repair copper coils or any copper part. We do standard and emergency repairs, quotes dependent on damage.
  • How do I determine the shape of my coil?
    We are happy to discuss your project and/or examine a sample of your work. We can test designs to determine the best coil to fit your needs.
  • ​Do you sell Induction Power supplies?
    We work with several induction companies to give you the best options in the latest state of the art induction power supplies for your individual heating needs.
  • How do I make a payment?
    All payments will be processed through intuit quickbooks, link provided with invoice.
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