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Depending on your part and process requirements, we'll determine the optimum configuration for your induction coil. We build coils with internal diameters ranging from under .10" to over 5' from round, square and rectangular copper tubing.


Send us your specifications and drawings - our craftsmen will build your coil from the highest quality materials. We offer a variety of coil coatings: Teflon, fiberglass sleeving, bake-on and spray-on high dielectric varnishes. Or if you prefer, we can bead blast the coil clean.

No matter who built your induction coil - we'll be glad to repair it as needed. Emergency same day service available - call for details.

Capacitor Busswork, Quench Rings And More

In addition to copper induction coils we also offer quench rings and other copper parts for existing induction system, such as capacitor busswork with cooling tubes silver soldered on, and even water cooled transformers for older-style systems.

Induction Heating System Recommendation

Our experienced craftsmen have worked with most brands of RF power supplies, and will be happy to offer their unbiased recommendation based on your part and process requirements.

Feasibility Testing

Not sure about induction heating? Send us your part samples and we'll provide an objective, no- obligation report with our best advice regarding power supply, coil design and cycle time.

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