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Induction Coil Troubleshooting & Repair
Troubleshooting an Inefficient Coil

Often times we are contacted by customers who already have an induction coil, but it is not performing well. It may not be heating the part fast enough, or it may just be burning out prematurely. We are careful to analyze the coil and the process parameters in this kind of situation, and with a bit of detective work, we'll come up with a solution to make your coil more efficient:

  • Is there something obviously wrong with the coil design
    - number of turns, internal diameter?

  • Is the tubing to large or too small for the application?

  • Is the water flow adequate?

  • Is the coil coupling properly?

  • Is the part or process or induction heating machine not suited
    to the coil design?

Repairing Your Induction Coil

Many customers hesitate to change a relatively simple coil design that has worked for them for years, and prefer to repair rather than replace.

  • We work on coils of all shapes and sizes – no size is too small

  • We will work with you to repair your coil at a reasonable price

  • We repair all brands of coils! It simply doesn't matter who built it – we'll be glad to repair it.

Repair Procedures
  • We sandblast or beadblast the coil, clean away any process residue, and make a careful inspection against the original specifications if available.

  • We'll email you our quote. If you approve, we'll go ahead. If not, we'll be glad to ship your coil back to you when provided with a UPS account number.

  • The first step in the repair process is anneal the coil to gently soften up the metal, so it can be adjusted more easily.

  • We carefully repair any water leaks that we have found in our inspection.

  • We return the coil to its specified shape and configuration.

  • We do water testing to make sure the leaks have been fully sealed.

  • We carefully spray the coil with a protective coating.

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