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Induction Coil Fabrication

Once your new coil's design specifications are finalized, we quickly move on to the fabrication stage. Producing an efficient coil takes experience – odds are that whatever your application and induction coil requirements, we've seen something similar and have the expertise to fabricate it in a cost-effective manner.


One of the keys to successful, cost efficient coil fabrication is to utilize the appropriate mandrill or mold for the copper tubing. We produce customized mandrills with the exact dimensions required to build a coil exactly to your specifications. And when we've finished the fabrication, we tag the mandrill and save it. So if you need a replacement coil several years down the road, we can pull the original mandrill out to exactly match your original.


Most copper induction coils are coated with a red, high dielectric insulating spray varnish. We make sure your coil is thoroughly coated and insulated by applying three three separate coats of varnish.

Fabrication Options:
  • Teflon Tubing - for processes such as high flux brazing and soldering, where there is often substantial residual flux, we can cover your copper coil with teflon tubing. The left over flux is easy to wipe off the teflon, extending the life of your coil.

  • Fiberglass Sleeving - if you're concerned about the coil being accidentally touched by the operator or bumped by your parts as they are inserted or removed from the coil, we can enclose your copper coil in a fiberglass sleeve to protect against accidental damage.

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