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Induction Coil Design

Induction heating coils are what we do! With years of coil design experience, we work closely with our customers to produce high-efficiency induction heating coils which often allow a heating application to be run successfully with significantly less power. Customers who already own an induction power supply see a reduction in energy costs with a better coil; those about to purchase a power supply are often able to specify a less powerful, less expensive model.

After analyzing your process requirements, we'll suggest an induction coil design with a specific configuration that we feel will be most efficient. The size and shape of your part, how quickly the part needs to be heated, and how your part will be moved in and out the coil all play an important role in the design.

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Important Induction Coil Design Parameters
  • Coil Shape - coils are most frequently round in shape, but ultimately the shape reflects your parts and heating process. We've designed coils of a wide range of shapes, including simple solenoid coils, pancake coils, square coils, and channel coils. If your part has a complex shape, we'll offer a specific coil design to complement it.


  • Number of turns - the number of turns in the coil has a major impact on the direction and amount of overall heating power


  • Cooling requirements – the coil design is impacted by the process heating temperature and the rate of cooling water required to flow through the copper coil, so be sure to provide us with complete process details.

Need help with designing an induction heating coil?

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