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Induction Coils

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Induction coils from FCF
This is a 10" helical made from 1/4" x1/2" rectangular copper tubing and is very sturdy.

Induction Coil Gallery

This is a 1/8" square tubing pancake coil for general surface heating of small profile heat zones.

No matter what shape, size, or style induction coil you need, we can help you! Here are just a few of the hundreds of coil designs we have worked with. Pancake coils, helical coils, concentrator coils...square, round and rectangular tubing...Single-turn, five-turn, twelve-turn...under 0.10" ID to over 5' ID...for internal or external heating. Whatever your requirements, send us your drawings and specifications for a prompt quotation. If you're new to induction heating, send us your parts for a free evaluation. Call us today at 585-738-5151 or send us an e-mail.

For soldering fin tubing on a continuous feed.
We built an RF extension replacement for a customer's older unit.
Pancake coil may be used with graphite disc susceptor to heat non-metalic parts, or to heat a small zone with center at lower frequency.
A four-position helical coil.
A 5-turn conical helix facilitates heating of tapered surfaces.
Edge concentrator coil for even heating on all 4 sides.
zone refining coil–only heats two narrow zones, not in center
This concentrator coil is unique in that you can screw on different plates with different I.Ds. allowing change of plates without changing coils.
sturdy helical coil with 3/8"sq tubing and copper tabs for conecting power
4-position coil for brazing or heating small parts
Large melting coils for heating and pouring at the same time.
Split helical coil facilitates ease of workpiece loading, indexing, and accessability for solder, brazing, or inspection/test.
A 32"ID coil for crystal growing, with a 5' RF extension.
For shrink fitting two automotive bearings at once.
A polycarbonate rod is used to prevent indexing from hitting the coil.
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